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Glossary of Terms

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Audacity: a free, cross-platform audio editing program


Blog: The term is short for "web-log."    A website where individuals make posts and allow others to contribute using comments that appear in a sequential manner.


Blogger : an online, free blogging platform owned by Google.


Delicious : a social bookmarking service


Digital Footprint: A record of online activity that is taken from interaction on websites.


Diigo : a social bookmarking service


GarageBand : a Macintosh program for recording, making music, teaching to play instruments and producing podcasts


Google Docs: Create online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and share them with others, allowing them to view your work online, or even edit the documents collaboratively. Requires a Google account.


Instant Messaging: Type of chat that can be used to communicate.


LinkedIn: A social network site that tends to focus on professional relationships, such as people you know in this industry or at that company.


Moodle: An open source classroom management system. Similar to BlackBoard or WebCT at the university level. You can pay to have someone host your moodle sites, or you can host your own moodle server.


Micro-blogging: Platform where one can blog with a limit of 140 characters (e.g. Twitter). The character limit is conveniently similar to SMS for utilization via the texting service on a cell phone. 


Ning: Internet site to create your own Social Network.


PBWORKS: An easy-to-use wiki. Get a free wiki, or pay for upgrades, if desired. (Formerly pbwiki)


Podcasting: An audio or video file uploaded to the internet for public viewing.  Many podcasts can be subscribed to using an RSS feed.


Skype: A downloadable application for your computer to give it telephony functionality. Video calls with other Skype clients is an added feature.


Social Bookmarking: Bookmarks that are hosted on an online service which can be accessed on any computer.  These bookmarks are shared and can be visible to anyone.


Social Media: User created content designed in a collaboratory environment where users share opinions, knowledge, and information with each other. 


Twitter :  Very populay micro-blogging platform (postings are limited to 140 characters).  Free to join and participate.


VoiceThread: Like a discussion board, but with the ability to comment with audio, video, chat, and drawing tools.


Wiki: A document that can be edited by users and then turned into a webpage.  Allows for hyperlnking and document hosting.


Wikispaces: Web site like much like Pbworks where one can create and manage their own wiki.

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